Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I`m not sure if you`re real or not, but I`m writing this because I have some hope in my heart and I don`t wanna lose it like a trace of sand in the wind!
I know I`m not a good guy, but  also I`m not really a very bad guy!
Dear Santa if you`re real like children  says, I have just a wish, and is not a big one, I don`t want a car, or a house, I don`t want material things, I just want her back, and if you can do this, please give me her back, please don`t let my last drop of hope to walk away.
I don`t want to cry this Christmas thinking at her, I just want her back, I wanna see her face again, I wanna feel her breath again, I wanna see her hair again, i wanna hear her voice. Without her I`m nothing, I can`t be happy, I`m losing my mind, I can`t be ME!
So if you`re reading this please just think at me and relieve my pain!
I will wait your answer until the Christmas Eve!


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